Serving the Community

As a group we feel it is important to serve in our community.  We try to do some kind of service once a month.  As we have been able to serve, we have learned to work together, have fun together and get to know people.


Gilbert has an annual food drive. All of the food/money that is collected stays in Gilbert to help Gilbert families.  We decided that we wanted to help collect food for the food drive.  This was by far the biggest service project we have ever done.   We went to different stores to see if they would donate bags to us for people to put their food in. Frys Food at Cooper and Warner donated 1000 bags to us. On Thursday June 26 we started passing our flyers.  We spent 13 hours over the next two days putting up 1,500 flyers on peoples garages. We hoped we would get enough food to take to the fire department. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of the people in our town.  We spent 8 hours on Saturday June 28 collecting food. When we were done we had enough food to fill the back of our dads truck, and take to three fire departments! Thank you Gilbert for helping us help our town!!

fooddrive3 fooddrive4 fooddrive5 fooddrive6


Today we had the pleasure of spending part of our Sabbath afternoon with a few sweet older people and their families. We had a wonderful time singing to them and seeing their faces light up when they would recognize a familiar primary song or hymn. Some of them even joined in with us.

service christmas jpg

We like to go the airport and sing Christmas songs.  Our “Grandma” Becky works there and makes the arrangements for us.  On Dec 22, 2013 we were able to go and sing to the people who were standing in the long lines.  One lady started to cry and told us we helped to make the wait very enjoyable.  It really makes us feel good to know  we are spreading Christmas cheer!

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