Helping Feed Gilbert


Gilbert has an annual food drive. All of the food/money that is collected stays in Gilbert to help Gilbert families.  We decided that we wanted to help collect food for the food drive.  This was by far the biggest service project we have ever done.   We went to different stores to see if they would donate bags to us for people to put their food in. Frys Food at Cooper and Warner donated 1000 bags to us. On Thursday June 26 we started passing our flyers.  We spent 13 hours over the next two days putting up 1,500 flyers on peoples garages. We hoped we would get enough food to take to the fire department. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of the people in our town.  We spent 8 hours on Saturday June 28 collecting food. When we were done we had enough food to fill the back of our dads truck, and take to three fire departments! Thank you Gilbert for helping us help our town!!

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